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Welcome to the Nutrition page of this site.  I know that I am a pet-sitter and that's what you came to the site for.  However, I am also a big geek when it comes to proper pet nutrition and I love educating people on what's really in those bags and cans of your pet's food!
A little disclaimer... I do work full-time at a highly accredited animal hospital in the Twin Cities, however I am not a vet.  My reviews of these products come from a lot of years of just plain being a geek about nutrition and doing research on it.  My reviews and opinions should in no way substitute your veterinarian.  However, I ask you to challege your pet's doctor when it comes to nutrition.  What happens in vet school is that these huge pet food companies come in to the classes and "teach" their nutrition and that's what the vets go with.  As you will see in my reviews, the big food companies are not always the way to go.  Your vet may have some recommendations on what diets he/she thinks is the best, but let them know you've done your research and then make an educated decision on the proper diet for your beloved pet.
Each review will contain a star rating (1 being worst, 5 being best) and a $ rating (1 being least expensive, 4 being most expensive.)  I have also included a link to each food's website incase you would like to do more research on your own.