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Just for Fun

Royal Breeds-Do you know your palace pets?

Experiencing withdrawals now that Kate and Will's wedding is over? Put on your royal thinking cap and test your knowledge of dog breeds and English royalty.
1. Kate Middleton may have only just become royalty but her pup, Otto, has already made a royal mistake—what’s his breed?
2. What type of princely pooch belongs to Prince William?
3. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has double the trouble—or fun—with her two dogs. What breed are they?
4. What type of pooch does Queen Elizabeth prefer?
5. This dog outlived his master, King Edward VII. What was his breed?
6. Queen Victoria had a gravestone made for her dog. What breed was it?
Comment with your guesses!  Answers revealed on Monday's post. Good luck!

Test your cat knowledge.

Here's a fun "cat" quiz!
1. My cat won't use the litter box because he/she is rebellious and wants to make me mad.
A. True
B. False
2. My cat scratches the furniture to:
A. Mark territory
B. All of these
C. Stretch muscles
D. Shed nail sheaths
3. What's the purpose in why my cat "kneads"?
A. A sign of being hungry
B. A sign of aggressiveness
C. A sign of affection
D. A sign of being unhappy
4. My cat leaves objects such as his/her toys in his/her food or water bowls just to drive me crazy.
A. True
B. False
5.Why does my cat suddenly bite me in an aggressive manner when I'm petting him/her?
A. My cat is mean
B. None of these
C. My cat doesn't like affection
D. My cat doesn't want to be petted anymore
6. My cat purrs only when he/she is happy and relaxed.
A. True
B. False
7. Is it normal for my cat to exhibit body movements during sleep?
A. Yes
B. No
8.Why does my cat insist on playing and ransacking the house after I have gone to bed?
A. My cat wants me to get up
B. My cat is a nocturnal creature
C. My cat likes to annoy me
D. None of these
9. Why does my cat scratch the floor around his/her food and water bowls after eating as if to cover it up?
A. To hide it
B. Doesn't like its location
C. It smells bad
D. None of these
10. Why does my indoor cat attack me or my other indoor cat(s) when he/she sees an unknown cat outdoors?
A. My cat is most likely showing he/she is in control
B. My cat is most likely showing displaced fear
C. My cat thinks of me or my other cat(s) as prey
D. My cat is most likely showing displaced aggression
1. B 2. B 3. C 4. B 5. D
6. B 7. A 8. B 9. A 10. D

You learn something new everyday.

You've heard the phrase "You learn something new everyday".  Sometimes it's a cute little tidbit, sometimes it's something life changing and somethings can be put in the catagory of "too much information".  I am afraid what I am about to share with you is going to fit into the last catagory.  Today I learned how a cat drinks water and for some reason I found it very interesting.  I have never studied how my not-so-petite Ragdoll cat drinks.  She is not the most graceful thing to roam the earth and she always sounds like she's drowning when lapping water, but I had noticed that she always laps in a pattern of 3.  Lick, lick, lick... lick, lick, lick... lick, lick, lick.  Today I learned that when a cat drinks, they don't scoop their water like a dogs does (which seems the most logical way to do it, but who am I to argue with a cat), instead, they bend their tongue backwards so the tip is pointed towards their chin, pulling the liquid into their mouth.  The reason for the pattern of three is that a cat will only swallow after several laps have accumulated enough liquid in the mouth.  There you now have more information than you ever wanted about a cat's tongue.

Wackiest Pet Names-Kitty style

Sorry I wasn't right back with the wackiest cat names posted by VPI Pet Insurance.  I know you were all waiting at the edge of your seats!  The plague hit our home this week and we were a bit under the weather.  Not to worry, all of the four-leggers are happy and healthy!  Here we go...
Purr Diem
Bing Clawsby
Admiral Pancake
Optimus Pants
Chairman Meow
Boo Manchu
Watts In A Name
Chenoa Azure Marshmellow-Puff
Senor Nachos
Phebe Picklespam
Tater Bean
Eskimo Ebony Heather Feather
Jiggly Puff
Alexander the Grey
Corporal Cuddles
Moxie Crimefighter
Snookholtz Bucholtz
Lord Meow Mix
Shpazzy Coconut
Monsoon Hilarious
Miss Headbutter
Miss Tuxedo Puss
Pergeant Pickles
Stinker Doodles
Cosmic Creepers
Aziza Star Rocket
Foofoo Tinkerbelle
Itty Bitty Kitty
Chunky Butt
Meeka Peeka
Ck Puss Puss
Kitty Peepers Mcdaid
Scamp Cracker
Poop Mouse
Fancy Pants
Whats your favorite?  After the holiday season, I'm thinking I might have to change my name to Jiggly Puff or Chunky Butt!

Just don't call me "Late for Dinner"!

I love-love-love this!  VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance) just put out 2010's Top 50 Wackiest Pet Names.   These are actual pet's names that have policies with VPI and will definately make you giggle.  Way to go for thinking outside of the box when naming your furry friends!
Pickle Von CornDog
Lord Chubby Pruneface
Ninjastar Dangerrock
Molly McBoozehound
Dog Vader
Flopsy Squeakerton
Bettie Poops
Geez Louise
Barnaby Bones
Baba Ganoush
Virginia Woof
Iggy Pup
Atilla the Honey
Chuck of Love
Doogie Bowser
Hunkapapa Honk
Oliver with a Twist
Winnie the Pooch
Barky McBarker
Lady Chuckles of West Oak
Abby Cadabby
Earl Chugalug
Senor Chilli Pepper
Tubs Francisco
Mary Louise Barker
Bubble Butt
Stinky Butt
Webster Doodledoodle
Dusty Butt
Fuzzy Butt
Oinky Poo
Mr Pickles
Teenie Weenie
Mush Pants
Manly Man Sanders
Binky Dinky
Bruce Bruce Big John
Poopy Jack
Fancy Pants
Liddle Biddy Bit
Meat Head
Hon. Mr. Jack Jack
Plump Jack
Do you have a dog with a unique name?  Share it with us!  Cats' names coming tomorrow! :)